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AFAV FAV - big smile bw, Nameh Dec 2020.
Nameh Marsin is a spiritual life guide.
Her gentle, insightful, and vibrant spirit comes alive when
exploring who we are and what we want in this life. 

Nameh's offerings guide YOU to deepen self-love
by expanding your self-awareness.


Themes include parts work, celebrating all of who you are,
addressing unmet needs, deepening your
body's wisdom,
Human Design lens and other healing tools.

Our reactions and feelings can be a road map into the depth and truth.

My personal and work life are anchored with these questions...

What more is there to know & experience?

Can I say YES to my aspirations?

In college, I felt driven to save the world. I started a career as a rape crisis legal advocate, and observing court cases, I began to notice that everyone involved was hurting. An important element of that work was facilitating sensitivity training for medical and legal professionals. Often the criminal justice professionals were contentious, and I regularly found myself in rooms with strong-willed people, their arms folded, visibly and energetically conveying their resistance to the conversation. I learned that when we could find common ground and explore each other's realities, the arms loosened and we began to hear each other.


After those intense years, I felt an undeniable need to go inward and address how I was hurting. I shifted careers and worked 10+ years as an office professional and began my own personal healing journey via therapy, various personal development, and spiritual retreats. My home life involved a loving marriage and a blossoming love affair with the land by way of growing food. 

Listening to my want for more, I quit the stable office work and began working on farms. Quickly this curiosity became a 10 year farming career—starting my own farm, teaching customers what to do with a kohlrabi, and training home gardeners and aspiring professional farmers vegetable production. The years I spent growing food was a beautiful time of inward reflection while lovingly tending fields and celebrating the pure magic as seeds became pillow-like heads of lettuce. The "I want more" voice spoke again and in 2016, I said goodbye to my beloved farm, divorced, and followed my curiosities.

Early 2021 I began studying Human Design through my own design and intentionally stepping into my deconditioning process, discerning what's truly me and what's not while avoiding labeling good or bad judgments. Within this Human Design deep dive, I feel more YES to life and YES to the full me in all parts of my life.


Throughout each career and personal journey the theme has been to look inward, exploring my why, listen to my bodies wisdom and expanding via more self-love.​ Through life's ups and downs, I turn to nature, connections to the Unseen, laughter, and moving my body.

I was not born with the name, Nameh (pronounced Nahm - ay). Hearing it defined in a song, as "bowing to the gifts from the Divine," I recognized and embraced it as my name.


"I have been working with Nameh for several months now and have found my experience with her profoundly transformational. I feel met, seen and accepted just as I am which has been so comforting. She has a perfect balance of gentle inquisition and loving support. She has a sensitivity towards honoring me that I did not even know to ask for but have so appreciated. I find her authenticity and enthusiasm so beautifully infectious and leave each private and workshop session craving more. I believe Nameh is as powerful a teacher, guide and coach as any of the greats spiritual leaders of our time. I am so grateful to have found her."  - S. N., Tacoma, Washington

"I have known Nameh for couple of years now and every time she holds space for me, I feel blown away by the incredible presence that she offers me. I feel so held, so seen and so heard by Nameh and it feels as one of the greatest gift that one can offer me. I love how she reflects the spoken and unspoken words that I share. I also love the questions and inquiries that she makes and it reflects on the attentiveness and depth that she holds. I also so appreciate how she holds both my vulnerable tender parts and also my magnificent parts with a lot of honoring and love."  ~F.L., Massachusetts

"Nameh creates such a safe, loving and accepting space that supports me in diving into deep juicy territory. Her grounded, open and intuitive presence is such a joy to experience. There is always room to say anything and I have never felt so seen, heard and validated. After my time with Nameh, I feel more connected to my heart and my purpose in this world."   ~J.C., California