Nameh Marsin is a storyteller, self awareness coach, end-of-life doula, podcast host, and farmer.
Her gentle, playful spirit comes alive when exploring who we are and what we want in this life.

Nameh has had many lives...

  • rape crisis legal advocate

  • office professional

  • organic veggie, seedling farmer

  • educator (general public and community college)

In 2016, Nameh closed down the farm, divorced and focused on cultivating a healing profession (Spiritual Life Coach and End of Life- Doula) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Nameh (pronounced Nahm - eh), translates to "bowing to the gifts from the Divine" became both her spiritual and legal name.

Through life's unfoldings, Nameh turns to nature, connections to the Unseen, moving her body - listening to what information comes through, deepening self-awareness and clarity of what's present.

Considering that people die mirroring how they lived,
how do YOU want THIS life to go?

In coaching sessions, clients open more fully to their true selves.


Nameh’s approach focusing on the following questions:

  1. What do you long for?

  2. What’s stopping you from that longing?

  3. Does it need to stop you?

  4. How present are you to yourself as you experience life’s transitions?

Transitions are a part of our daily experiences.

Are you feeling grief, joy, anger, sadness, disappointment, excitement…

through what’s unfolding?

Is your life force freely expressing?

What resources do you call upon?

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