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Are you living your most engaged, aligned and abundant life?
Too often we believe to be safe we must live a smaller version of ourselves.

Coaching sessions with Nameh offer the space to unravel and explore what's keeping your relationship to yourself and others stifled or held back. Nameh poses powerful, evocative questions while holding a sacred, curious space. She invites your physical and energetic bodies to the conversation which builds your intuition and expand self-awareness.

In coaching sessions, clients open more fully to their true selves.


Nameh’s approach focusing on the following questions:

  1. What do you long for?

  2. What’s stopping you from that longing?

  3. Does it need to stop you?

  4. How present are you to yourself as you experience life?

Here's what clients share about Nameh's sessions.

"Nameh creates such a safe, loving and accepting space that supports me in diving into deep juicy territory. Her grounded, open and intuitive presence is such a joy to experience. There is always room to say anything and I have never felt so seen, heard and validated. After my time with Nameh, I feel more connected to my heart and my purpose in this world."

J.C., California

"I have known Nameh for couple of years now and every time she holds space for me, I feel blown away by the incredible presence that she offers me. I feel so held, so seen and so heard by Nameh and it feels as one of the greatest gift that one can offer me. I love how she reflects the spoken and unspoken words that I share. I also love the questions and inquiries that she makes and it reflects on the attentiveness and depth that she holds. I also so appreciate how she holds both my vulnerable tender parts and also my magnificent parts with a lot of honoring and love."

F.L., Massachusetts

"Nameh is a phenomenal life coach. During my sessions I always felt heard, validated, and safe to share my deepest feelings and thoughts. I left each of my sessions feeling more empowered and always learned more about myself. Ultimately, Nameh’s support helped me reach many of my goals."

T.M, New York