Bridging Identities with Léon M. Powell, S2 E14

This conversation explores bridging one's lived experience among many binary realities. Léon began bridging binary worlds growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico and visiting their white father in Texas. Léon now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico which is where Léon transitioned and came to embrace their non-binary gender-self, Léon.

Léon shares their contemplative perspective around conflicts such as "land ownership," money and value, emotional labor and abundance. Léon shares such depth of wisdom on their process of moving with shame, humility, languages, race, fear, spiritual life, capitalism, vulnerability, gender, physical reality, and powerlessness to step into their true self. Léon embodies how consciousness grows through expanding one's consciousness. Léon names how as humans we have individually and collectively created our experiences.

Perhaps in engaging in this conversation listeners will find empowering threads to shift and move with your lived experiences. Invitation: are you able to make a donation to say an organization that supports the transgender community?

Resources Léon Mitchell Powell Brené Brown - Fitting in vs Belonging Unlocking Us, Ask me Anything Episode Kimberlé Crenshaw - originally defined Intersectionality Podcast episode 'Roots of Healing' which explores psychedelic therapies and explores another perspective on identities. How we can get caught in our stories of who we are.

Want to share your financial abundance, consider contributing to Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.

Music Happy Family by Yuarmusic

Season #2, Episode #14