Bright Line Eating with Shayla, S3 E4

Our relationship with food and to our bodies can be a layered topic. For some navigating this relationship can lead to many ups and downs on and off the scale.

Today's conversation with Shayla Nygaard explores Bright Line Eating, an eating plan both she and Nameh have found great 'success' with. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson designed Bright Line Eating and offers deeply personal, intellectually satisfying and a comprehensive plan to shift our relationship with food.

This conversation touches on food addiction, unpacked elements behind why one might over eat and the felt difference when one's food relationship is more balanced. The movie, To the Bone (2017) addresses individuals navigating eating disorders. Nameh found the movie deeply raw, intense and clarifying.

Resources: Bright Line Eating (eating plan) Path of Love (spiritual retreat) The Gift (spiritual retreat)

To the Bone (movie) Audio: Inspiring Acoustic Guitar by Victory Pitter Patter Goes the Rain by Christy Nockels