Conscious Marketing with Guillermo Tilley, S2 E5

Guillermo Tilley joins today's episode to offer his perspective on event planning, marketing and digital clutter. He has over 30 years experience supporting people to find their path, developing their marketing plans gracefully and putting on successful events.

The conversation touches on the age old story of who wins the race, the turtle or the hare? Guillermo finds taking a methodical, slow - human pace approach exploring the 'why's' helps clarify and bring others along into the plan.

What Guillermo offers in his wisdom and expertise is the luscious space to include others and enjoy the process. Identifying where there are fears and addressing them consciously. Especially given the current state of life, quarantining and business 're-booting' the need for clarity might be the exact best next step.

Resources Guillermo Tilley - Audio Looking for Adventure by Tim McMorris

Season #2, Episode #5