Embodying Wholeness, S2 E12

Ashley joins Nameh for a conversation about embodiment. They dance among ideas circling the pressures and downfalls of individualism and reaching beyond our own self-confined boxes towards real, authentic expression. The conversation also touches on different embodied practices that invite play, vulnerability, and trusting the body's wisdom.

Ashley is offering a 90 day online program, Pathways to Embodiment, running from Fall Equinox, Sept 22 through Winter Solstice, Dec 22, 2020. This program is a mentorship for those who identify as women, regardless of being born with a physical womb body element. Ashley designed this program with three central themes: cultivating foundation, cultivating relaxation and compassion, plus cultivating expression. Pathways to Embodiment is an invitation to explore and reconnect with your intuitive wisdom; it's a community of support and accountability to follow your wild heart's calling; it's your permission slip to once and for all live in full authenticity and self-acceptance. Resources Pathways to Embodiment series Ashley on Instagram audio: Space Meditation By Manriquedelara

Season #2, Episode #12