Embodying Wholeness, S2 E11

Erin Andrus, a Somatic Sex Educator, joins Nameh for a conversation about finding wholeness through exploring masculine and feminine, and our listening to our bodies communications and felt senses.

Movies and world icons were a big part of how Erin and Nameh learned their femininity. The conversation explores different feminine characteristics and the unfolding as we come to know ourselves more fully. Integrating both masculinity and femininity is key element for sovereign effectiveness however one embodies gender, if at all.


Erin Andrus website Erin Andrus Instagram and Facebook Video - "My story of discovering my own femininity" Radical Wholeness (book) by Phillip Shepherd Financial Traders Research Melissa Urban makes clear distinction cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation on her podcast, Do the Thing


Electronica by Enrize Studio

Season #2, Episode #11