Good Ending - 2020 year end edition, S3 E2

Nameh returns to an earlier Dare to Listen episode focusing on giving ourselves a Good Ending among life's changes. Given all that's been within 2020, life has drastically changed for so many of us.

As we each experience life and the often unanswered questions, perhaps in saying goodbye to a loved one who passed and/or left abruptly, a relationship change or a pandemic causing our lives to upend moving into what we notice and feel can be a way to bring ourselves a 'good ending.'

This episode is with Nameh's dear friend Sahar. Nameh was unaware of the potent death of Sahar's childhood friend. Sahar vulnerably shares what was present for him. How numbing was a resource in navigating grief.

The 5Rhythms community introduced Nameh to the concept 'good ending,' as in how can we give ourselves a good ending. This episode includes questions that might assist in knowing what elements could support a Good Ending. Resources Chloe Goodwin - 5Rhythms teacher Finding our Answers through the Body with Chloe Goodwin - Dare to Listen episode Family Constellations, part 1 - Dare to Listen episode Family Constellations, part 2 - Dare to Listen episode

Nameh's upcoming workshop series - (join mailing list to see how to register) Songs Upsana - by Mose & Sam Garrett ( inspiring Ukulele - by URMENLC

Season #3, Episode #2