Helper Continuum, S3 E6

In this episode Nameh explores how honest can we be in our conversations. Exploring: what stops you from being honest? do you (and your relationships) have the foundational skills needed for tough convos? do you find you're lonely in your relationship(s)? A dynamic that can appear in our relationships is what Nameh's calling the 'Helper Continuum'. Within the continuum there's the 'fixer', the 'helper', the 'cheerleader', and the 'space holder'. At the heart of the various help continuum roles is the loving want to be a supportive presence. Supporting another with the various helper continuum energies has beautiful gifts, especially when consent is established.

The upcoming online course, Speaking Your Truth (begins March 28th), offers clarity + communication tools to build solid foundations within our relationships. We'll look at the language we use, watching for verbal bullets that can feel sharp or like a slap. These bullets might actually be our unconscious way of wanting to name a boundary or talk about need.

Resources: Speaking Your Truth online course - sign up by March 25th!

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