Mystified Child Wound with Vasu, S3 E9

Vasu Hancock joins the podcast again for another conversation on how our wounding impacts and distorts how we see the world and experience intimate (including sexual) relationships. Today's conversation pivots around the Mystified Child Wound, how we can move from the mystified to the mystical. Vasu outlines various mystified aspects -- hopeful, expectation, hopeless, mistrust, controlling; which are wound adaptations.

Vasu first joined Dare to Listen to share about the Abandonment Wound. Vasu and Nameh explore..

  • the characteristics of communal versus individual focusing cultures

  • how the shift to industrialization shifted us

  • how our mystical self is our true nature

  • how we can get lost in the suffering

  • how the journey into our pain can bring us to wholeness

  • how parents, when in their mystified adult self, unknowingly imprint their wounding to their children

  • grieving what needs have not been met

  • defining psychic space

  • clarifying how we project parts of ourselves onto others

Vasu shares her love of working in groups; specifically when groups come together there's a building of support and intimate depth that offers another way to know ourselves.


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