Sobriety and other Clarities - with Jeremy Holmes, S2 E3

Today's episode is with Jeremy Holmes. He shares his process to becoming sober, navigating his ADHD brain and growing up in a fundamental christian community. Jeremy is a curious, determined, thoughtful, emotionally alive and engaged parent.

Hear how those around Jeremy walked away, while others stood by and defined important boundaries which lead to his sober journey.

Hear how Jeremy's determination to make sense out of his experiences help him find more clarity while also being more comfortable with the unknown.

Hear Jeremy’s shifting world perspectives, expanding how he understands that his experiences aren’t the same for others (people of color, women, queer and other communities).

Resources Jeremy Holmes Sobonfu Somé - grief rituals

Audio Uplifting Ambient Background by Enrize Positive by PinkZebar

Season #2, Episode #3