Why We Do What We Do, Part 1 - Helpful Techniques, S2 E1

Nameh talks with Robert Volinsky a body mind therapist and Inner Space Therapy Practitioner, about techniques to help answer, 'why we do what we do.' Part 1 of this conversation explores Inner Space Therapies (IST), a meditation based past life therapy technique, which helps source our reactions to bring clarity and identify the true self underneath our personalities and emotional reactions. Nameh met Robert when he facilitated a meditation and transformation workshop at the Clairvision School using this technique. Robert and Nameh also explore the Clairvision School's distinction between our emotions and Feelings, capital F. The show offers many examples of the discoveries that can come when exploring past lives through this meditation based approach.

Stay tuned to part 2, where the conversation explores more about how trauma and our experiences can cause a closing. How choosing to move into the closing can bring us to a place of opening. The part 2 conversation includes many beautiful experiences Robert had soon after his father's passing.

Due to the explicit nature in parts of the conversation, examples of trauma and violence, please know some this conversation might not be suitable for everyone.

Resources Guest: Robert Volinsky, a Body Mind Therapist, Restorative Therapies (http://restorativetherapies.com/) Book: Regression: Past-life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom by Samuel Sagan Audio: Beauty And Simplicity by GreenAudio and BasspartoutX, Japan Meditation Spa by NikiN Show photo: by Kevin Geisler, used with his permission, Previous DTL episode, "Breaking Free", Nameh shares about past life clarities.

Season #2, Episode #1