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This workshop series invites YOU to access what's true for you!  
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Bold Questions.     Your Creativity.     Our Loving Kindness.
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  • Meet 4 times, via Zoom
    bi-weekly Sundays, 10a - 1230p (mdt), starting March 28th thru May 9th, 2021.

  • Facilitated exercises.

  • Recorded teachings pre-sessions.

  • Reflective inquiry questions.

  • Homework.

  • Partnered with a buddy
    exploring homework together.

  • Price:  $250
    limited partial scholarships available for those with financial need

How is it for you to ASK for and RECEIVE help?

Do you give your POWER away or aim to CONTROL things?

In this course we'll explore how our internal STORIES around

  • being helpful

  • being in our power

  • being a 'good' person

can impact how fully we share ourselves with our loved ones, co-workers... and the world. 

Learn a structured process to discover what's behind your reactions. Resulting in...
   1. Clarify what's true for you
   2. Clarify what you want to say
   3. Explore why you DO or DON'T say what's true for you

Practice saying what is true for you 

while remaining in integrity with your heart and truth. 

All genders and gender expressions welcome!
All sexual orientations welcome! 
All cultures and heritages will be deeply respected and honored!