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This workshop series invites YOU to access what's true for you!  
Bold Questions.     Your Creativity.     Our Loving Kindness.
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  • Meet 4 times, via Zoom
    bi-weekly Sundays, 10a - 12p (mdt), starting Jan 24th thru March 7th, 2021.

  • Facilitated exercises.

  • Recorded teachings pre-sessions.

  • Reflective inquiry questions.

  • Homework.

  • Partnered with a buddy
    exploring homework together.

  • Price:  $250



What do you experience though your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Watching your reactions and triggers can provide a thread for our curiosity to follow.

Articulating (words, movement, art...) can bring the realities of our inner experiences further into our consciousness.

Naming our experiences is a vital step in shifting from robotic responses to our embodied presence.



Identify your patterns.

Define your preferred destination.


Map how you can get there with self-love. 

Define what experiences nourish your soul.

Amplify self-love through your own self-care. 

All genders and gender expressions welcome!
All sexual orientations welcome! 
All cultures and heritages will be deeply respected and honored!