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Dare to Listen invites conversations about the dying process, self-discovery and our connections to the Unseen.

Dare to Listen

to yourself and the world around you.

Can you handle the truth? Then, Dare to Listen is for you. Nameh speaks from a place of raw authenticity that resonates deeply. Listening to Nameh is so intimate that you cannot help but feel connected to her revelations. In every podcast, I have dozens of “AHA” moments. I feel grateful to Nameh for creating a platform that cuts through illusion and shines the light of awareness on such a wide range of intriguing topics.

Deeply Moving
The title of the podcast indicates exactly what you will find. Do you dare to listen? To yourself? To your heart? And speak its truth and truly own it? That is what this podcast does in spades. Nameh gives the listener a peak into her healing journey in a way that is so real and honest. By doing this she creates an avenue for deep connection with her listeners on issues that many of us face but don’t want to disclose.  ... This podcast has certainly helped me and touched me on a deep level. 

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