Human Design

Human Design converges ancient systems: Chinese I'Ching, Judaic Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras with quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry. 

Where science and the mystical meet.

By taking your birth details (birth date, exact birth time and birth location) a genetic matrix via an alchemical birth chart. This chart can become your unique instruction manual.


Human Design orients you with...

  • a Strategy & Authority to help with decision making.

  • energy center (--> see image) offers markers when we might be out of alignment. 

  • themes to help discern how to come back to yourself. 

Are you excited to begin? 

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Generators have reliable energy, through their sacral motor. 

Life's conditioning can disconnect
us from this life force energy.

Do you want to re-connect to...
      your Vitality?
      your Power?
      your Bodies Wisdom?

Access Your Yes!
a 3-hour online
experiential workshop
can help!


I learned so much today! Nameh’s enthusiasm for Human Design is contagious. As I contemplate all that was shared with me, I am seeing the ways in which I can expand my gifts, focus on where I can make changes, and accept on a deeper level what comes natural to my design. This knowledge gives me more permission to follow what I love to do as well as be okay with what I need for my wellbeing. Nameh put the information in a format that was easy to understand, complete with graphics and visuals. Nameh patiently repeated what needed repeating and answered all my questions with wisdom and with her keen intuitive sense.  ~ N.W. (manifesting-generator) New Mexico