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Nameh's offerings guide YOU to deepen self-love by expanding your self-awareness. Themes include parts work, celebrating all of who you are, addressing unmet needs, deepening your body's wisdom, the Human Design lens and other healing tools.

I help guide people learn how to consciously
relate to their inner and outer world.

unconscious path (2).png

Guiding you ...

Noticing + Naming what needs to shift. 


Navigating the new or unknown. 


and increasing Nourishing self care.

Spiritual Life

60 minute, $125
90 minute, $210

4-session or 6-session packages support you to give a specific theme attentive care. Inquire about package pricing.

one-on-one virtual, live sessions


Human Design Chart - color no website2.png

Human Design

Explore YOUR unique instruction manual.


Learning the keys to living aligned
with your design. 

Understanding Human Design mechanics and how YOU can support your child's best life. 

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